WS-REST2016 Workshop on Web APIs and RESTful Design

International Conference on Web Engineering – 9 June 2016

Call for Papers

Submission deadline extended to 30 March 2016

Web researchers and engineers working on API servers and clients.
A full-day workshop on current and future challenges for Web APIs and their interaction.
Web APIs are more important than ever, yet many unsolved problems demand our attention.
Full-day workshop on 9 June 2016 – paper submissions before 16 March 2016.
At the ICWE conference in Lugano, Switzerland.

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Thousands of APIs exist and their number is growing tremendously, while use cases become increasingly complex. In contrast to the human-oriented part of the Web that users consume with browsers, and with the help of standard mark-up languages such as HTML, Web APIs are designed to be used by machines, which makes issues surrounding their design and integration significantly diverse from that of the traditional Web, but also of most interest towards the provisioning of new added-value automated solutions on the Web. This includes emerging trends such as the Web of Things.

This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners by providing an open discussion forum around the design and use of the programmable Web. It is the principal venue for discussing latests findings and research and development results around the issues, practices, and best principles surrounding Web API design and use.

Focus Topics

We especially welcome research and engineering work in the following areas:

All Topics

In addition to the topics above, this workshop is also open to:

Details and Dates

We welcome full papers (up to 12 pages) and vision/demo/poster/breaking research papers (up to 6 pages), size counted in LNCS format. Contacts with Springer are in progress to publish ICWE workshop papers in a ICWE 2016 satellite event post-proceedings as Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Using the LNCS template is the fast track to the camera-ready version, but we accept publications in other formats, such as HTML or EPUB. We recommend using the Research Articles in Simplified HTML (RASH) framework or the dokieli editor.

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16 30 March 2016
29 April 2016
9 June 2016